For Art’s Sake

The desire to create may be our version of the sublime. Us running around being little gods… Remember way back when when the demons killed the unicorns? And the devil got mad coz they left the mare? And the stupid little demons said ‘She is female, she has no power.’ and the devil roared… ‘ONLY THE POWER OF CREATION!!!’

do you have power or not? always remember you have the power of creation and put yourself out there on a blog for us all to celebrate!

yes, we do celebrate each other. Sometimes it seems that people are mean, and jealous, but that’s only because they don’t know THEIR OWN power.

This is my face and my husband’s art with it

4 comments on “For Art’s Sake”

  1. These are worthwhile thoughts. I do think that if you go to work within any creative process, you should also rest on the seventh day. Creativity without rest can equal a chaotic mess…and you have already addressed that (in a way). 🙂 Your photo with your husband’s “adornment” art makes me envision of sci-fi and/or Elder Scroll character.

    1. i think we should rest WHILE creating, and every day is a day of rest… the new covenant baby yeah 🙂

  2. i think that Hubby created something beautiful… but he had a great face to work with Elaine!1

  3. Now isn’t that the cat’s meow! WOW!

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