Love is the Drug

First picture I took with my OM-D and the portrait lens, both of which have now been sold, booohoooo

8 comments on “Love is the Drug”

  1. You may be onto something…about LOVE. If it’s the drug, is it also the cure???

    1. for sure it’s the cure lol… but it’s a line from a song, or the title

  2. Very nicely done. You used that 45mm f1.8 well.

    1. Thanks, Phil… looking at the picture makes me miss the setup

  3. i love this portrait Elaine!!… your OM-D took great pictures… sorry you had to sell it 🙁 …
    love is the best drug of all….peter:)

  4. What a same to part with them. An excellent portrait.

  5. Very imaginative … a big portrait!

  6. Some things should never be sold simply because they become gold in your hands, sweet heart.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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