Dream Big

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Dear Jesus… bring her back…

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Now I do.

8 comments on “Dream Big”

  1. i don’t think that Zoe will be back… the same as Buddy… it tears out heart out :(…
    after two and a half years we went out and got Rylee…
    we haven’t laughed this much in the past two years…

    i believe in reincarnation Elaine!!… i was a sailor in a previous life… but here i am landlocked beside a lake in the middle of the country…
    but that’s ok with me… life is good…xox….peter:)

    1. if you believe in reincarnation why wouldn’t you believe it for my precious dog? i think she will be back… Jesus CAN do that you know, so why wouldn’t He? It would be a simple thing for Him. You give your opinions too readily.

  2. Such very sad eyes.

    1. she was the sweetest thing on the planet

  3. Not only will she come back, Elaine, she’ll have those huge kewpie eyes that will slay you every time she looks at you. Patience, my dear….while you build a “home” for her.

    1. I knooooooow, her eyes were so important in our relationship… from moment one she couldn’t take her eyes off me 🙂 also, we just found out that we will be moving, so i literally have to build a new home for her.

  4. Hello, Zoe! 🙂 This discussion makes me think of the many fur kids and loved ones that aren’t here now. I have a deep yearning to see them again. I think they are much happier than I am so my bigger desire is to go be with them at some point. Then, all of us can be forever-together forever-happy…and no more tears and no more separation…ever! “Hope springs eternal in the human breast…” Alexander Pope Love is good, Elaine, and your post speaks to your love for Zoe. (End of sermonette) 😉

    1. yep, well, would rather be in heaven myself, but for some reason it’s not our time… so it’s time for Zoe to return to me 🙂 and yes, hope springs eternal… i take it you don’t believe in reincarnation? lol

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