Moving On

Well we have to move from our lovely place, the landlord sold the house, and i doubt we could ever find a house that we could afford in this part of town.. again… Please enjoy the sad Iris Dement song

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your need to move from your present location. I hope you will find something you can thrive with and enjoy your life.

    1. Otto, that was a picture from the backyard, like you challenged me to do lol and thank you for the well wishes

      1. Oh, that’s really cool. I should have comment on the photo, but got completely caught up in your situation. But I like the mysterious feeling you have created with just a handful of elements. You have such a strong and very personal vision.

      2. Do I???? I had no idea that I had any vision, never mind a strong one! But I’m sure that something of my personality somehow comes through in my pictures, but I don’t know how that happens lol

      3. Does it matter how it happens – as long as it happens? One could probably intellectualize a lot about this, but why not just stay creative. 🙂

      4. Well, you know I’ve been discouraged lately, photographically… but it might be a symptom of something larger and i need antidepressants lol

        But none the less I’m grateful for your kind words about my ‘vision’… you really don’t know how much your kind words affect me, it’s no wonder you make a living helping others with photography! You have a great gift.

  2. We knew the day was coming, of course, Elaine, but now that you know, you can put the plans into action and see where the Good Lord takes you! Your image today leaves much to the imagination…which seems appropriate!

    1. yes, yes, at least it’s good to know that we are definitely out, because not knowing what’s going to happen was stressful… but of course, moving is stressful too… i do trust God to take us to a nice place 🙂

  3. I hope you find a place that you can really like.

    1. Phil, I already found a place that sounds heavenly but hubby is not on board at all yet

  4. it’s sad that you have to move Elaine… but there are better days to come… make it a nice home… for you an your hubby…
    i loved the Iris Dement video about Our Town….. peter:)

  5. that’s really sad … but your image is absolutely great!

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