That Bridge

Well we will cross that bridge when we come to it…

6 comments on “That Bridge”

  1. if that bridge is only the way to cross Canada Elaine!!… i hope that you cross it… otherwise you will never get to your place….peter:)

  2. That’s exactly the thing about bridges, Elaine…you CAN’T cross them till you get to them. It’s a good way to look at your situation (while you start packing, I assume?). Stay strong.

    1. well, we won’t move into a new place until July 1st… we are kinda land locked into that date, so no, no packing just yet. though i may move out to the RV sooner as i will have a new puppy 🙂

  3. well you managed to grab a good shot on the fly, Elaine 🙂

  4. I hear Simon and Garfunkel. 🙂

    1. funny, i hear Bjork 🙂

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