Welcome to the Jungle

10 comments on “Welcome to the Jungle”

  1. That is a very nice self-portrait.

    1. Thankyou, Michael xoxox

  2. I love it!

    1. and it loves you 🙂

  3. From out of the depths…yes, I like your self-port, too. 🙂

    1. yes haha i look like ‘the swamp thing’

  4. Your natural habitat? It does look very cool. But I would watch out for that other swamp thing luring right under the surface.

    1. lol i’ll take it under advisement 🙂 thank you, Otto

  5. Hello darling. You’re looking good. So good. So good.

    Kisses, Fritsch.

    1. about to dye my hair red, do you like red?

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