Bad Religion!

Now and Then i think of all the times you screwed me over… wantin’ me believin’ it was always something that i’d done… but i don’t want to live that way, bleeding into every word you say… ~Kimbra

14 comments on “Bad Religion!”

  1. That sure looks like a face. Two eyes staring at us.

    1. it does doesn’t it? lol hadn’t noticed!

  2. You’ve come from far, Elaine. Don’t ever let Bad Religion screw you around again!!!!!

    1. I won’t hon, promise.

  3. i too thought it looked like eyes. i like the blues of the glass, Elaine. nice shot

    1. thank you, i never noticed the face, now it’s all i can see lol

  4. Here’s looking at you, kid. Nice psychedelia.

  5. This is really a mythic photo. Gotta have to love the colours and the strange composition (strange in a positive way). Are the faces looking at us bad or evil—or is it just what they represent? Good that you are in charge of yourself now. 🙂

    1. i don’t know about bad or evil, perhaps misguided? though i do think the concept of hell was made to control people with fear, and that’s pretty durned evil

      1. I have no doubt about the controlling incentive behind the creation of hell. Which indeed is evil.

      2. it’s settled then lol

      3. Why didn’t they listen to us long time ago?

      4. coz we are part of the ones they are trying to control lol

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