Rearranging Pictures

We put up our checkered lights and rearranged things… I would like to show you the whole place, and I imagine I will in time 🙂

6 comments on “Rearranging Pictures”

  1. I’ve just thought of something: are you one who likes to rearrange furniture and accessories from time to time…kinda like how you switch up your website design???? 😀

    1. I am very much that sort of person, i would say that i gave up redecorating about 8 years ago, it’s too hard on me now… tho i did decorate my RV “_”

  2. You are so artsy. I like the decor and the arrangement.

    1. thank you, Phil.. it actually looks better in person, i’m not sure why 🙂

  3. ah, i see that familiar picture frame up there at the left, Elaine.

    1. indeed you doooo 🙂

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