Master Blaster!

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Remember boom boxes? well, if you don’t, i’m sure you remember this movie scene:

7 comments on “Master Blaster!”

  1. Remember them? I have one!

    1. hahaha, that’s so cute!

  2. OMG, yes. They were a huge part of American (worldwide?) culture for such a long period of time. Not so much anymore, I assume?

    1. yes, not so much anymore lol… i think ipods made us think ‘go small’ 🙂

  3. yeah we had one, still do… bit it is one of those slightly sleeker looking and not a box kind, Elaine.

  4. i had one like this in the seventies Elaine… then i found a Walkman:D…
    then i evolved to an iPods after that…..peter:)

    1. walkmans pissed off steve jobs, so he promised his daughter to make something better

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