I sure do wish I had my 20/20 vision of my youth back… as a matter of fact I had BETTER than 20/20

10 thoughts on “So I Can See You

    1. can you believe i wore glasses before i needed them? i had a pair of buddy holly glasses before hipsters made them common… i wore them to work because the flourescent lights bothered my eyes

  1. My immediate thought was “getting old is such a bit**! But then, did you that when I get my cataracts removed (one day in the not so distant future, I’m sure), I should have 20/20 vision again?! It amazes me. The marvels of technology nowadays! Too bad they can’t cure every illness, right?!

    1. yes, we love technology, but i’m holding out for the singularity, when my brain can be downloaded into a quantum computer and i will feel good forever lol would you do that if you had a chance? i mean what if you could be hacked? lol

  2. good shot, Elaine. nicely composed. which reminds me that i haven’t had my eyes looked at in a while now.

  3. i wore glasses for 40 years Elaine… then i had cataract surgery and they implanted a lens into each eye… i had never seen the colours of the world so crisp after that….peter:)

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