The Princess Diaries


Isn’t she the sweetest little girl? She has a big surgery coming up, as soon as we can afford it.

6 comments on “The Princess Diaries”

  1. she is awake after a long snooze in some of the previous posts. i hope all turns out well, Elaine.

    1. i’m sure it will turn out well, thank you so much for the well wishes 🙂

  2. She really IS sweet…and knows that she is dearly loved!

    1. i think she knows, but she pooped at my feet yesterday because of being left in the living room alone for longer than a half an hour lol

  3. Your love will get her through the hardest times & make her stronger than before. Because that is what you do to those who are with you, my dear!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. awwww, sweetie, what a lovely compliment, tho i’m not sure that i deserve it 🙂

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