The Giants!


These giants are reaching for the sky, but will never get there.

12 comments on “The Giants!”

  1. And I think that’s good. Looks like you are out on the road again?

    1. yes, going to and from the veterinarian for Smidge… and yes it’s good those things can’t reach the sky lol i concur

      1. Yes, where it’s presidents, rock stars or just masts.

      2. Except Jimi Hendrix, he got to kiss the sky 🙂

      3. It might be someone else for me, but that’s OK. 🙂

  2. i’m glad that they can’t reach the sky Elaine… but they keep the lights on… xox….peter:)

  3. More important than anything is that it’s SNOWING on your site. I love it when I see the snow. It makes me forget what you were talking about. 😀

    1. i love watching the snow when i’m inside and warm, but not so much out driving in it lol

  4. I wish I could afford to cover my roof with solar panels and get away from those lines. The cost of the Site C dam would put panels on a lot of houses.

    1. i don’t know where the site C dam is, but perhaps y’all should protest 🙂

  5. But they light up the sky, so we can see each other through these dark times & blue nights, sweet heart.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. ooooh baby, i hear you spend night time, wrapped like candy in a blue blue neon glow 🙂

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