I Want A White Picket Fence

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with a little pink house for you and me.

8 comments on “I Want A White Picket Fence”

  1. White picket fences give such an idyllic coziness to houses, don’t they. Maybe once you get your health back you can also get your white picket fence?!

    1. Maybe, depending on how much money i make!! lol Gilles doesn’t like owning houses though, too much upkeep!

  2. After owning houses for years I could never go back to renting.

    1. well we rent AND own, rent in the city, and have our rec property outside the city…

  3. i was reminded of the story of Tom Sawyer, how he was punished to paint the fence but he got others to do for it! i find the appeal of the white fence very strong.

    1. wasn’t that Huckleberry Finn? lol yeah he convinced a bunch of kids that it was fun 🙂 and yes, white picket fences are so pretty… i would love to have one

  4. Baby, we don’t need fences. We need the wide country side, the wind in our hair & a road that never ends while listening to John Mellencamp. We got to get while we’re young cause tramps like us babay we were born to run ….

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. and what kind of car do we drive, baby? paint the picture for me 🙂

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