Pink Flowers For Pink Houses

11 comments on “Pink Flowers For Pink Houses”

  1. Kinda like red roses for a blue lady???? 😀

    1. sorta like lol

  2. So when are you starting your garden?

    1. lol we rent in the city, and there certainly isn’t enough room for that kind of garden out at our Rec property! i thought i would plant a bunch of perennial wild type flowers, you know, like an english garden?

  3. Pink Flowers, yes, I like. 🙂 But where are the Pink Houses? Maybe Pink Flo (yd)?

    1. I was just tying it in with the last post 🙂 where i mentioned my penchant for pink houses lol

      1. Oh, I see. Not be awaking in the class…

  4. You should join some urban gardening group & overwhelm with your great sense of colours & beauty, darling.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. only if you come and do all the manual labour sweetheart 🙂

  5. rather strong pinks, aren’t they, Elaine?

    1. very strong, my camera couldn’t handle the light!

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