Pretty Baby

Remember that old old Brooke Shields movie called ‘Pretty Baby’… she sure was gorgeous when she was young! Tho that movie was sick

6 comments on “Pretty Baby”

  1. No, I don’t remember that movie, Elaine, but this IS a pretty baby!

    1. yes, my baby Smidge is the prettiest of all 🙂

  2. Is Smidge ever awake?

    1. you already asked me if she is ever standing up, so i posted a picture of her standing up for you, now you ask if she is ever awake and the picture before this one shows her awake

  3. And she’s getting even more pretty with every year because of the love you spread, my dear!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. she is, isn’t she? 🙂 it’s coz she is happy!

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