Canada Day

July 1st is Canada Day, seems everybody is gone camping, not us… hubby says ‘i want peace and quiet’… i said ‘me too, unless they have karaoke and free beer’ 🙂

This is a little creek that runs by our house… it’s pretty but, unkind people tend to throw garbage in it.

5 comments on “Canada Day”

  1. I wish you more water for your creek, less trash, and peace and quiet for your Canada Day, Elaine. Happy celebration! Stay calm and safe. Will there be fireworks? If so, may your 4-legged children stay calm, cool and collected.

    1. yes, much needed peace and calm for Canada Day! I’m not sure how close fireworks will be, I think the doggies will be ok, I think this is Smidge’s first Canada Day! Thank you for all your well wishes xoxox

    2. Smidge’s SECOND Canada day rather… and yes i wish mean people would stop throwing trash in that pretty creek!

  2. How many songs did you sing, sweet heart. And I bet they got more soulful with every free beer 😉

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. Johnny Are You Queer? Manic Monday. Rapture. What’s Up? Mercedes Benz. Fancy. you know, the greats lol

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