In The Closet?

Somethings just can’t stay in the closet… Somethings should just be free… 🙂

8 comments on “In The Closet?”

  1. In more ways than one!

    1. yes haha, you know i was thinking the same as you, but my problem is with a tutu lolol

  2. Spooky – or is it just a dress that needed some freedom as you say?

    1. yes haha, it’s just a dress that refuses to be confined in a closet lol it does look kind of ghosty tho, i see it now 🙂

    1. me toooo, it’s a pretty dress 🙂

  3. it is a wonderfully diaphanous material, Elaine. i do not imagine it would survive one round of a washing machine?

    1. Yeah hahaha, it’s more of a dry cleaner kind of get up 🙂 it is pretty isn’t it? I have a black one toooooo

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