You Gotta Have Heart

‘Coach, what’s it going to take to turn things around and win this game?’….. ‘Heart. Miles and miles of heart.’ ~The Replacements

8 comments on “You Gotta Have Heart”

  1. Even a little bit of heart goes a long way but the more you have, the better, for sure! LOVE WINS!

    1. remember that guy from hillsong who made a big fuss in the Christian community coz he was promoted as writing a book about Universalism? it was called ‘Love Wins’… i bought the book, it was just another book about Christianity that anybody could have written, the marketing was a big lie… i returned the book as I didn’t want him getting a red cent out of me… remember the book that i wrote that was actually about Universalism and it never sold even one copy? yeah… THAT… grrrr

  2. Without heart there is nothing.

    1. did you watch ‘the replacements’…? it’s a good football movie!

  3. nobody can dispute that, Elaine, for sure!

    1. Miles and Miles, Ayush 🙂 xoxox

  4. i like this one a lot

    1. my husband says he never knew he was photogenic until he met me lol

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