Foghorn Leghorn

It’s been foggy here night and day for about four days… It looks like it’s starting to lift… I love the fog…

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  1. And WE have SNOW! We just got home from our trip south (11:30) and now are off to do the shopping…. More later.

    1. i hope you guys get to skate this year!! the snow must be nice… welcome home, you two!

  2. me too and i especially love photographing in the fog

    beautiful result

    1. when we get fog out here, sometimes you can’t see the end of your outstretched arm, i mean you can walk into people while walking your dog! lol

  3. i like it too, Elaine. reminds me of my school days, cycling in the winter.

    1. my brother used to cycle to school in the winter, little bugger would go racing past me lol

  4. That is a beautiful misty shot.

    1. it did turn out kind of nice didn’t it… the fog was thicker before that tho, that was the last day of the fog 🙂

  5. Nice! 🙂

    1. haha, isn’t it? i’m not even sure where that setting was… i can’t seeeeee

      1. The fog is nice because it adds a bit of mystery, a decorative effect, and hides some things that we would just rather never see. My mental fog is much the same. Not sure where I am; not sure it matters (sort of). Keep the “real” photos coming!

      2. Do you know that i didn’t know… i mean i was shopping in some department store, and suddenly, SUDDENLY (the word they tell you not to use in a book, applies here) suddenly, i didn’t know where i was, i mean NUTHIN’, i didn’t know the store, but i didn’t even know THE CITY… it scared the beJesus out of me, but all i could do was remain calm and pray it came back to me… this was when i was around 30 years old

  6. Fog is fun. And always provides awesome opportunities for photos. And this is a gorgeous one with a feeling of time standing completely still.

    1. yes, it’s like a post apocolyptic shot of abandoned streets 🙂 thank you, Otto

  7. Water is very wet, and i love that image, but every time i click on it to tell you how much i love it, i’m brought to this post

    1. that’s very WEIRD!! i’m glad you persisted 🙂

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