It’s been foggy here night and day for about four days… It looks like it’s starting to lift… I love the fog…

16 thoughts on “Foghorn Leghorn

      1. The fog is nice because it adds a bit of mystery, a decorative effect, and hides some things that we would just rather never see. My mental fog is much the same. Not sure where I am; not sure it matters (sort of). Keep the “real” photos coming!

      2. Do you know that i didn’t know… i mean i was shopping in some department store, and suddenly, SUDDENLY (the word they tell you not to use in a book, applies here) suddenly, i didn’t know where i was, i mean NUTHIN’, i didn’t know the store, but i didn’t even know THE CITY… it scared the beJesus out of me, but all i could do was remain calm and pray it came back to me… this was when i was around 30 years old

  1. Water is very wet, and i love that image, but every time i click on it to tell you how much i love it, i’m brought to this post

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