15 thoughts on “My Baby Roo

    1. haha!!! did you know that chihuahuas of old were bred to be companions to royalty? lol i can totally see that, i carry her around with me constantly, in my jog bra 🙂

  1. She does have a baby face. 🙂 Just curious–who’s the boss? You or Smidge? I have a cat so that tells you who is boss in my…uh, her…house.

    1. Smidge pretty much gets her way with everything lol… when we are going outside, she won’t let me pick her up until the boys are out the door already… some sort of pecking order thing i imagine, or perhaps she’s worried about a bombing and wants them to check it out first 🙂

    1. lol i think the parallax of the lens is off haha… she does have a tiny body tho, it’s short than most chihuahuas… and i concur, that she is sooooo cute 🙂

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