Christmas Cookies!

my mother used to make the most heavenly shortbread cookies for Christmas, it turned out the secret was putting them thru a cookie press… she bought hubby a cookie press one year, but he lost it. However, he soldiers on, making shortbread for me, every year… So here is this years batch, he put some in the oven and went off to have a shower, and i left the room, so was not watching the oven… so the burnt cookies are my fault 🙂 they still tasted good, btw

10 comments on “Christmas Cookies!”

  1. I’m sure they tasted good, of course. YAY for shortbread cookies!

    1. used to be one of my fave things about Christmas, my mother made TONS of them, filling a bunch of cookie tins 🙂

  2. Mmmm. I will have coffee with mine.

    1. i will have another cookie with mine hehe

  3. I gained yet another pound just looking at the cookies! Now I’m a (more) well-rounded person. Thanks, Gilles.

    1. lol he says ‘you’re welcome’ i don’t think he was paying attention to what i was saying… he’s all engrossed in bitcoin lol

  4. a favorite with me as well

    these look flat yummy

    1. shortbread at Christmas, it GOTTA be home made 🙂 they were yummy, i assure you

  5. Christmas makes sense when it’s delicious. And it’s delicious because you both carry the fire inside 😉

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. i fell into a burning ring of fire, i went down down down but the flames went higher lalala

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