Hubby got his choice of cars this time hehe… I guess he didn’t like driving around in a lime green polka dotted smart car for the last 3 years 🙂
So he picked a Ford Fusion SE from last year, it’s only got 2200km on it!! and it’s got a computer for a dashboard haha you know what I mean, I’ll show a pic of it on Wednesday 🙂 Happy New Year, my friends!!!

13 thoughts on “New year New car!

  1. Happy New Year to the my sweetest road runner. Just wanted to let you know that I love you even if my blog is facing some technical issues I can’t solve right now. But wherever I go I carry you around 😉

    Kisses & safe travels, Fritsch

    1. awww hon, SUPER GOOD to see you!!! how bad is your blog?? i thought it was just targetting my comments… can’t you get a back up from your web host? reinstall from before the hack happened and then move it to wordpress DOT COM where no hacking happens?? do that please? xoxoxoxx

    2. or maybe you should write to tech support at wordpress DOT COM (not dot org) and ask them if you can back up your damaged site and they can fix it?

  2. oh i remember having a shot like this, posing on the door of a BMW (obviously not mine – lucky the owner was not nearby). safe travels in this vehicle, Elaine

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