Cloud’s Illusions

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It’s cloud’s illusions I recall…I really don’t know clouds at all… listen to her perform it live in the video below… it’s beautiful

8 comments on “Cloud’s Illusions”

  1. feels like it’s cold weather

    1. it is indeed, Sherri… brrr!!

  2. This brings back the memories in a torrent. I will tell you about them sometime. Bittersweet to be sure. I heard her live at an outdoor concert over 45 +/- years ago. (Good gosh, I’m old.)

    1. yes, it’s one of those songs that make memories, for sure… that must have been quite the concert… i think she had trouble naming this song… i think maybe ‘illusions’ would have been better 🙂
      and please do tell me about your memories

  3. She is one of my all time favourites.

    1. sweeeet… i have heard so much about her in movies, i mean characters in movies saying she was their faves…

  4. Looking at clouds that way…up and down and all around. I love it.

    1. i knew you would like the song 🙂

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