Puppy love

I love my puppy sooooo much!

8 comments on “Puppy love”

  1. I know you do. Smidge and Zoe all wrapped up in one.

    1. I still pray for zoe to join smidge in her body…. so tonight smidge was asleep in my bra and i was praying, and smidge jumped out of my bra in a panic from a deep sleep, so i held her and told her it was ok, that it was just Zoe 🙂

  2. It comes through in the photographs.

    1. awwww, really? i’m glad to share the love then <3

  3. but of course !

    what an angel baby

    1. she totally IS an angel, straight from heaven 🙂

  4. And she loves you, too.

    1. i know she does… she’s my Zoe-Smidge xoxox thanks Phil, i know you get me.

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