Dashboard television

This is our tv screen in our new car, it’s a hybrid, and it shows the picture to show when you switch to battery, and when you switch to engine… it’s way cool

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  1. The things they come up with nowadays…makes you wonder what it’ll be like 25 years from now when some of us will be dead and buried. 🙂 So glad your “new” car still amuses you.

    1. i doubt i’ll make it another 25 years, but hey, things will probably blow our minds in TEN years… tho i was happy in the 90’s… with how dangerous things are getting NOW, i just want to go back to THAT level of tech

  2. A hybrid. I wish I could have gone with that option.

    1. yeah, hubby says it’s GREAT on gas, much like my teeny smart car!! plus i’m sold on the heated seats lol

  3. that way you can drive it and admire it at the same time : – )

    1. i would have to read the huge manual to learn how to drive that thing haha… i admire it from the passenger seat, with a toasty tooshy 🙂

  4. very fascinating to see the adapting performance, Elaine. i saw once in a taxi

    1. it’s a great car, that’s for sure! thanks Ayush xoxox

  5. Hey, don’t forget to watch the road, too! 🙂

    1. hehe, I’m the picture taking passenger!!

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