Water is very wet

We even had to put our windshield wipers on 🙂

15 comments on “Water is very wet”

  1. HA! At some point you’ll be able to say you’ve tried everything! 😀

    1. hehe, somehow i DOUBT that lol

  2. so now i can access this fantastic image

    absolutely love it. i would have wondered if you had stood in the road if you cropped the car framing out.

    1. the car framing is cut out on many of my pictures lol i never thought that before! 🙂

  3. somehow like here, wet wet wet, I love this kind of shots

    1. wasn’t that the name of an old new age band? lol wet wet wet?… ps… i love this kind of shot toooo!!

  4. It makes me happy to be inside the car – in the photo. I have enough rain where I am….

    1. i know what you mean, Otto! I only like the rain when i’m warm inside and hear it on the roof… cozy xox

  5. We had lightning in the middle of a snow storm a couple of days ago. I should have been driving and photographed it.
    This is a very cool shot.

    1. yeah definately…. one time, back in film days, i sat over looking a lake and TONS of lightning strikes on the water… just sat there unmoving, with the shutter open… it was an amazing picture!! so yeah, i hear ya!

  6. we are having a fair bit of wet weather here too, Elaine. drive safe!

    1. you too, my friend! xox

  7. Could that wetness have something to do with the moisture content?

    1. Phil, you sound like derek zoolander haha, are you a MERMAN?? lol

      1. 🙂

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