Let’s veg out tonight

Watching Anne of Greengables updated, on Netflix

6 comments on “Let’s veg out tonight”

  1. Vegging out with Anne of Green Gables! Not a bad idea….

    1. i thought so too 🙂 but there was only one season, leaving me on the precipice of something horrible about to happen (sigh) as you would say lol

  2. love, love fresh vegetables

    we’ve changed our habits over the last few years to incorporate many veggies we never really knew anything about

    i go to the grocery store every few days now so that everything in fresh

    love seeing your image. it looks good enough to eat : – )

    1. it’s my FAVE part of a grocery store! the fresh produce smells soooo good to me! did you guyz go vegan? i have trouble with that even tho i LOVE the way it makes me feel… i’m anemic and stuff, so i crash and burn without meat, i just keep trying coz i love animals xox

  3. That is a photo delight. I haven’t photographed veggies for a long time.

    1. STILL life 🙂 veggies are very photogenic don’t you think?

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