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Molson Canadian Lager beer… this is my fave of their commercials 🙂 tho i don’t know what being Canadian has to do with 1970 footage lol or 1960, or 1940 lol

12 comments on “I AM CANADIAN”

  1. A lot of commercials are like that…having nothing at all to do with the product (like sexy ladies on car hoods, ha!). Oh well. You can at least be proud that you’re CANADIAN! 🙂

    1. I love this country where I am no other place is better than…no matter where I Roam I am proud to be Canadian

  2. I prefer beer from Pacific Western Brewing. Tastes better, a portion of of the money for each case sold goes to planting trees, and it is quite close to where I live. We need the trees after last year’s fires.

    1. I have never heard of that brewing company… It does sound like a really good cause

  3. as a child i used to have all of the commercial jingles memorized. it seems the beer commercials were some of the best back then. i still know the one for Schlitz despite the fact i’ve memorized hundreds of songs since that time. early childhood memories i suppose.

    1. You must’ve had a good childhood… My inground memories come from movies in the 90s ha ha my best decade I guess <3

  4. Doesn’t Canadian mean being from Canada? Of course, I don’t know, since I am not Canadian. But I wouldn’t mind trying the Molson.

    1. Yes Canadian means you’re from Canada… But you are allowed to drink Molson Canadian logger beer no matter where you live ha ha

    2. Or are you saying you didn’t know I was from Canada? Well I most certainly am, proudly Canadian… Canadian

      1. I am glad you know you are Canadian – and proudly so. 🙂

  5. I’m not. Oh well.

    1. i imagine you can deal with that lol

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