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I’m soooo beautiful lalala… of course you have to watch the video now haha

12 thoughts on “Too Lazy to Take a Photo

  1. you’re too funny

    but seriously, love your hair

    i watched the video and realized it was one i’d never seen before. i’ve always like her.

    1. lol thanks! i’m trying to grow my hair out of that pixie cut i have had for years… it’s very hard to grow out a pixie!! i usually get angry at my reflection in the mirror and shave my head within minutes 🙂 i’m more determined this time tho…

      the video was from ‘funny girl’ about fanny brice if i remember correctly… her first performane with the zeigfeld girls, and she objected to singing about how beautiful she was, coz she figured she was far from beautiful… so she made a joke… it was a good movie, tho i haven’t seen it since i was a kid… so don’t quote me lol

  2. I like your photo and your humor. I haven’t watched anything with Miss Streisand. Ever.
    I guess it’s because there just aren’t enough explosions.

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