Iā€™m living on dog food

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Hubby makes healthy food for our dogs, various organ meats and veggie fillers, etc… this is the stuff for the next batch… it keeps the dogs very healthy!

so here is an Iggy Pop song about dog food… I don’t like iggy pop, he did terrible things to a groupie friend of mine

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14 comments on “Iā€™m living on dog food”

  1. wow, your dog is a ‘health nut’ lol, or perhaps she’s only pretending so she gets the good stuff

    nice image

    1. well, ironically, just like people, they prefer the processed frankenfood… we have to feed them icky food very rarely coz when we do, they turn up their noses at the good stuff the next few days šŸ™‚

  2. sounds like my cat. one time i was out of cat food, so i tried to feed her some tuna. she tried to cover it up like something in a litter box.

    1. hahaha!!! that’s so funny!! and i thought cats were supposed to like fish… but yeah, i’m sure they are doing to pet food the same things they are doing to our food, to make us addicted and unhealthy, it’s a very sad state of affairs… i can see them wanting to make people sick, to make big pharma and food manufacturers healthy, but PETS?? come ON

  3. When we had Teddy, it was hard to find food that he could eat. Everything bothered him.

    1. yeah? poor Teddy! i know processed food bothers me, so Teddy and I, both canaries in a coal mine..

  4. You are very caring pooch parents.

    1. it was my mom who started making homemade food for my poodle, way back when… and she lived to be 20 years old

  5. it actually looks very good, Elaine! my fridge is not that good looking stocked

    1. oh no, WE don’t eat that well, the DOGS do haha

  6. No wonder Smidge loves you so much! šŸ™‚

    1. it’s hubby who is the food angel šŸ™‚ he started cooking for sparky coz sparky had a yeast infection on his skin… poor puppy

  7. good for him. We’ve been feeding exclusively a raw species-appropriate diet with no kibble at all since 2000. Your dog is very fortunate.

    1. yes, dogs that are raised like ours are blessed with a long and healthy life! thanks!

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