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Hubby makes healthy food for our dogs, various organ meats and veggie fillers, etc… this is the stuff for the next batch… it keeps the dogs very healthy!

so here is an Iggy Pop song about dog food… I don’t like iggy pop, he did terrible things to a groupie friend of mine

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14 thoughts on “I’m living on dog food

    1. well, ironically, just like people, they prefer the processed frankenfood… we have to feed them icky food very rarely coz when we do, they turn up their noses at the good stuff the next few days 🙂

    1. hahaha!!! that’s so funny!! and i thought cats were supposed to like fish… but yeah, i’m sure they are doing to pet food the same things they are doing to our food, to make us addicted and unhealthy, it’s a very sad state of affairs… i can see them wanting to make people sick, to make big pharma and food manufacturers healthy, but PETS?? come ON

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