Snuggle Buggle

This is the back of a quilt i made, it’s multi coloured but because of the hem and back, everyone calls it ‘the orange quilt’ and it makes me angry lol

11 comments on “Snuggle Buggle”

  1. But, but…I LOVE orange!!!!!!!!!!

    1. yeah but the point is, the quilt was a gloriously multi coloured quilt!! i had slowly sewn together the brightly coloured squares lol and all they noticed was the edging!! grrr

  2. I like your multi-colored orange quilt. Obviously, Smidge does, too.

    1. it’s the BACKING that’s orange lol grrr

      1. ]:-)

  3. Back side or not, Smidge does seem to enjoy the quilt. And is very cute looking out through the wrapping.

    1. yes, it’s a very nice quilt and surprisingly warm considering it isn’t thick… and i agree that she is precious and cute xoxox thank you, Otto

  4. and all the colors become her

    little princess

    1. awww, she is a princess xoxox thank you, sweetheart

  5. A quilter? That is so much work. I salute you.

    1. i’ve only made two quilts total… i am however thinking of starting again… sort of… i like hand stitching, it’s relaxing 🙂

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