lots of snow here lately, it was like that last year too… so strange to have snow where we live!

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  1. The Beast from the East (Siberia) has barreled down on Europe these last days, Elaine, with record temps (and snow) for this time of the year. England got snow before we did, strangely, but this morning we DID awaken to a thin layer here where we live in the Netherlands. Astrid says it’s back to normal next week for this time of the year…with rain. I always think of Canada having snow, so it surprises me that it’s strange where you live. But then, it’s strange where we live, too, and I always think of the Dutch having snow! Stay warm.

    1. we are in the lower mainland, near the border of the US, on the Pacific ocean… so the weather here is like Seattle… you’ve seen the movie… ‘it rains 9 months out of the year in seattle!!’ … ‘I KNOW! i DO NOT want to move to seattle!’ lol…
      i’m glad you are having snow, coz i know you enjoy it… you still haven’t mentioned whether it was enuff cold for ice skating!

      1. No ice skating, really, because the wind factor has left too many thin sections of ice amongst the thick. One man, age 75, already fell through and died. At least 4 others have fallen through. So sad when they don’t heed the warnings.

      2. oh that’s terrible!! maybe the man, age 75 wanted to ice skate one more time THAT BADLY… i mean if global warming has changed the climate that much, he might never had another chance… :(…

  2. We had only a little snow here (midwest USA) through the winter. Now we have had rain to the extent of flash floods in places. We need the water since we have been in a mini-drought, but a little more sunshine would be welcome.

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