Treatment for the cold and flu

Cognac, always.

10 comments on “Treatment for the cold and flu”

  1. HA! Better than any doctor ever. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling much better by now, apart from your back, that is.

    1. I feel like something the cat dragged in… but thanks for the well wishes, my friend xoxox

  2. take care, Elaine. hope the cognac helped.

    1. thanks Ayush! Cognac does help the throat 🙂

  3. i hope you get well soon

    1. tanks sister xoxoxox

  4. I think hot rum works even better. Get well.

    1. i love rum toddies lol but i’m too lazy to make them! 🙂

  5. Cognac is good for so many different ailments – or just for pleasure. I wish you all the best in getting better.

    1. thank you, Otto xoxox tho i woke up sore and dehydrated today lol not good

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