The Line Up

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‘i’m walking like kevin spacey at the end of The Usual Suspects, you never saw it?’ … ‘no’… ‘well he’s kaiser sozey, don’t worry that doesn’t mean anything, it’s not a spoiler’… ~Amy Schumar in Trainwreck

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18 comments on “The Line Up”

  1. Too bad about Kevin Spacey (real life) but…I actually think I’d enjoy Trainwreck. I’ll try not to forget to find it….. In the meantime, I see you’ve got all your ducks in a row?

    1. oh no!! what happened to kevin spacey??? now i have to google and find out something horrible and TRUE….

      1. I assume you found out about Kevin Spacey? One of the Me Too casualties, I’m afraid. He was one of the biggies that fell after Harvey Weinstein.

      2. oh is that what #metoo means?? i think it’s an awful phenomenon!! people that ruin peoples’ lives just for money

  2. i really like this, elaine

    you capture some spectacular scenes along the roads

    those trees line up so perfect and the patterns are incredible

    1. thank you xoxox, but your photos, man oh man, they are stuff my photographic dreams are made of

  3. What happen to Spacey? #metoo. But I still like The Usual Suspects. However, I am not sure I am ready for Trainwreck.

    1. haha, yes, you have to be fond of the word ‘fuck’ to watch trainwreck 🙂 and kevin spacey… well, he’s not dead, but his career is, even been banned off of netflix

      1. Fuck is fine with me. 🙂

      2. well, hey, Trainwreck should be a cake walk for ya if you can get past that 🙂

  4. I get the sense you are on a road trip 🙂
    The Usual Suspects == good
    Kevin Spacey != good

    1. naw, no roadtrip, i just don’t get out of the car for photos anymore hehe

  5. It feels wrong to even discuss Kevin Spacey.

    1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, I didn’t know what had happened when i made the joke for the post… but i feel kind of sorry for him, the same way i did for michael jackson… one comes forward with POSSIBLE problems, then the others are like sharks smelling blood in the water…. and all those people attacking him on twitter for apologizing… i have been on the receiving end of THOUSANDS of people attacking me on twitter, the more i tried to make it better the worse it got, until all that bad energy made me sick and i had to lie down on the couch puking into a pail for a few days… people can be so viscious and unforgiving and unkind… especially when they are in GANGS.

  6. i know i have seen the usual suspects but i cannot remember a single thing about it, Elaine. so i know one of the things i am doing this weekend!

    1. haha, it’s a great movie… don’t worry that wasn’t a spoiler 😛

  7. Sitting here listening to Pink Floyd “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” and reading this post and comments. Ah, SO surreal–even without engaging my usual delusions. 🙂

    1. i know, it kinda turned dark really fast there, didn’t it?

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