Smoke if ya got ‘em

I got a J wrap for my Ecig … you can order pretty little artistic things to wrap around your Ecigs…This is a pink and black flowery design for the black one… I also have a teal one that I ordered a polkadot Jwrap for… Maybe I’ll show you the picture tomorrow 🙂

12 comments on “Smoke if ya got ‘em”

  1. Wrap if ya got ’em, too?

    1. haha! the paint was chipping off!

  2. to my knowledge, they are not available in Singapore (by law) – cannot be sure though. but anyway, i have not seen any of these things up close, Elaine!

    1. by law?? wow… that bites!

  3. aren’t they just as dangerous as regular cigarettes ?

    1. no, that’s just propoganda by big tobacco and such, tobacco is BIG money… i just vape veg glycerine and flavour, often flavour i make myself… if i order weird stuff it affects my asthma

    2. Yes, they ARE just as dangerous, if nicotine is in them. In fact, they are saying kids are starting to smoke ecigs (with nicotine) at a higher rate than cigarettes now and are even doing it in school because they can get away without people knowing/smelling it. Kids are being suspended from school if they are caught. The jury is still out, of course, to know if ecig use, with nicotine, is “safer” than real cigarettes?

      1. naw, the propaganda is out, you can even ask Dr Oz who says that nicotine is good for the brain and that’s why schizophrenics and such smoke so much… he just says the delivery system is bad with cigarettes… anyway, i have read all the propaganda

  4. I have to say that I am disgusted by those things.

    1. why would you be disgusted by vegetable glycerine that smells like candy? you are falling for big tobacco propoganda… they make you think it’s better to die of lung cancer with cigs than to steam veg stuff

  5. Artistic huffery, eh? Whodathunkit?

    1. huff and puff baby yeah!!

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