Blue on Blue

Here’s my pretty polka dot Jwrap for my teal ecig… for all of you who believe the propaganda shit out by the tobacco PIGS, i’m sorry if vapourizing vegetable glycerine offends you. It’s true that I have asthma, and I have to be careful of the ingredients, but veggie glycerine and natural flavours aren’t dangerous, and don’t bother me at all. Those PIGS are literally trying to get people to think ‘why not just smoke cigarettes?’ … it’s disgusting, and if i smoked cigarettes i would probably have emphasyma within a year!!! when i smoked cigs i was so addicted i smoked 4 packs a day, and couldn’t BREATH and BEGGED Jesus to help me quit, coz i couldn’t…but vaping does nothing to bother me… and i can stop vaping anytime if need be. i have quit for 2 months at a time, and felt nothing bad, no withdrawal. so if you don’t know first hand about vaping, then all you know is what the PIGS tell you, and there’s no need to regurgitate it, lest peep’s blood be on MY hands coz it’s on my blog lol and if your argument is that nicotine itself is bad, that’s not true, Dr Oz says nicotine is actually GOOD for the brain, but the delivery system of cigarettes is baaaaad. He said that if we had a good delivery system, then it would help a lot of people.. well now we have a good delivery system and boy is big tobacco PISSED OFF. I’ve been vaping for 4 or 5 years, and it hasn’t made my asthma worse, it hasn’t affected me adversely AT ALL. There is a movie called ‘a billion lives’ i think, and it has more accurate info, if you are interested.

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  1. I for one, Elaine, can’t speak to the benefits of ecigs (without nicotine) for someone like you, who used to smoke. My guess, based on what others have said who have quit smoking, is that the oral and psychological “need” makes ecigs a good “solution.” So, vape away with pleasure.

    As regards tobacco propaganda (similar to the NRA???), who knows. We’re still in the first generation of ecigs (now I’m only talking about those with nicotine) and really don’t have the long-term studies to show if/how they might be detrimental, or not. In other words, the jury is still out, from what I have read. We may all find out that nicotine is, indeed, beneficial to our health, as long as it’s delivered properly. That’ll be the day, won’t it!

    1. yes, there is an oral need that ex smokers LOVE having filled… when i quit smoking cigarettes it’s like i suddenly had nothing to DO!! i was bored on some deep level… when i take up something to do with my hands, i totally just forget about my ecig… sometimes even during a movie, i realize i haven’t touched it for 2 hours!

  2. interesting text, Elaine. i do know some old time smokers who only recently have managed to make a clean break from smoking cigarettes!

    1. yay!!!! that’s always good news, when i smoked i used to be able to quit for 3 years at a time, then i would start again, smoking more than ever… that’s how i got up to 4 packs a day, which is basically chain smoking!!

  3. Soooo, whatcha think ?

    well, i don’t know if vaping is safe or not, that’s why i asked the question.

    i like this one better than the other one. the shade of blue is perfect and i’ve always like polka dots. if i saw a pen like it, i’d buy it.

    love, love your posts and your quirky humor. be happy, elaine. i need to visit your happy posts.

    1. hello Sherri lol i’m happy… but you’re right, that backlash against vaping does piss me off lol back to our regular scheduled programming 🙂

  4. The tobacco industry has never been reliable, has it! I don’t smoke myself, so I don’t have much knowledge about vaping, but it seems to have help quite a few. 🙂

    1. thanks Otto… no, the tobacco industry is not reliable haha to put it mildly 🙂 and yes, vaping has helped a LOT of people!

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