I just might have taken too much cough syrup, this picture is a no go… but here it is anyway lol was straight on into the sun, but i processed it too much! can’t see the globe.

I have got some sort of weird bacterial chest infection and I can’t breathe!!

14 thoughts on “I may be a little tipsy

  1. The polarization of the car window makes exposure frustrating especially in post processing. I hope you feel better soon. Take your antibiotics like a good girl.

    1. I never got any antibiotics, i’m still sick and thinking about it, but i haven’t taken antibiotics in YEARS and don’t want to screw up my microbiome 🙁

      1. Just wanting you to take care of yourself and get well. Sooner is better.

      2. yeah, a deep rattling chest cough, it’s nasty, especially when it doesn’t help get anything ‘coughed up’… i feel like poopoo…. thanks for your well wishes xoxoxoxox

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