13 thoughts on “4 Happy Trees

  1. Awwww. I think you should write a happy little ditty about these trees, Elaine…kinda like a Winnie the Pooh thing…Tiddely pom. πŸ™‚

  2. they look like a happy little family

    i think the dad is on the left : – )

    (speaking of writing, i wish you’d did out that post you had up when i found you)

    1. which post? i used to add poetry to my photos when i first started, but people said that unless it was MY writing, that it was ‘not cool’ to quote people.

      1. people can do what they want on their own blogs

        as s kid would say, you’re not the boss of me

        : – )

      2. hahaha, yeah i hear ya, but i don’t like making people angry, and i pull in my horns lol…. except maybe about vaping haha

    2. oh! i think i know which post you mean!… the ‘Thirteen Reasons Not To Start A Photoblog’ haha right??? yes, that i where we first met, i will try and find it for you lol

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