10 comments on “Slurpee”

  1. 7-Eleven and Slurpees! It’s been a long time since I’ve even thought of either. How fun.

    1. yeah i don’t get slurpees very often… but i went out with hubby today, a hot day, to get some hair dye that didn’t even work lol

  2. ahh. .. this is the first time i see the warning on a slurpee drink… i wonder how many people still get brain freeze anyway! 😀

    1. hahaha!!! i get brainfreeze EVERYTIME lolol

  3. I worked with a guy who had one every day. He was a slim guy when i first met him. A few years later, no so much.

    1. yeah lol that’s why i stopped drinking them when i was young 🙂

  4. love, love the bright colors in this one

    1. thnx sister!! xox

  5. hmmm… I wonder how many brain freezes that container can hold 😉

    1. i guess we’ll never knooooow lol

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