The Wrestling

I tried to get a pic of Smidge wrestling with a pizza crust as big as her leg 🙂 it was so cute and it took her like an hour to eat it, with her little overbite and missing teeth… my precious little bebe. <3

10 comments on “The Wrestling”

  1. An hour to eat??? Actually, good for her. They say your brain tells you you are NOT full if you eat faster than 20 minutes. YAY.

    1. hehe, seemed like an hour… today i ate slowly and sweetly… hubby has accepted that i want to be vegetarian, so he made me a meal with these tiny tater things, and rice and steamed zucchini … it’s nice not to have that subconscious stress that i’m eating a ‘person’ that died horribly…

  2. tiny dancer comes to mind

    1. yes 🙂 she was dancing with it

  3. She is looking slightly protective.

    1. lol maybe a little, poor baby, i kept interrupting her

  4. i get the feeling she can be feisty, Elaine!

    1. yes and her tiny teeth can be razor sharp lol

  5. “Go ahead. Just try to grab this pizza. Make my day. ” ~ Smidge Eastwood

    1. “you gotta ask yourself one question, mommy… ‘do i feel lucky?’… well.. do ya? mom?”

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