Thug Kitchen

I have decided to go back to veganism… I can’t stand being a part of the animal holocaust… I have a cookbook called ‘Thug Kitchen.. Eat Like You Give A Fuck’… It’s chock-a-block full of cuss words lol

14 comments on “Thug Kitchen”

  1. HA! Right up your alley, then, Elaine??? 😀

    1. haha hush now, i’m trying to be a good girl 🙂

  2. That sounds like my kind of cookbook, a little Gorden Ramsey(ish) – minus the meat 🙂

    1. yeah lol i haven’t read past the intro yet tho, so can’t tell you what the recipes are like

  3. So–the recipes call for a lot of salt?

    1. snarfle! that took me a moment 🙂

  4. i seriously love the bowl

    1. i know right? that’s my fave bowl… it was part of the spring/easter collection at the drugstore 🙂

  5. in my opinion, one cannot go wrong with macaroni, Elaine

    1. the first time i went vegan, as a teenager, i mostly ate pasta, it was the beginning of the decline of my health!

  6. I couldn’t go without eggs so no vegan for me. 🙂

    1. yeah, i like eggs, and i used to get my eggs from a friend who kept chickens as pets lol… but i conk out after eating eggs, and don’t want the allergy to get worse, so i keep away from them,,, for me, it’s cream for coffee and cheese 🙂

  7. I understand you point. But I would have a hard time not having any meat…

    1. yah, people are addicted to it

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