Spending Quality Time

6 comments on “Spending Quality Time”

  1. It looks like true love.

    1. oh it is xoxoxox

  2. as your pic loaded, i could see the design of the cushion and i thought it was going to be a pizza : – )

    bless her little heart. i’ve been without the tiny breed Yorkies we used to have for so long that i’ve forgotten just how tiny they really are. your hand really gives a good perspective.

    1. i love yorkies, but i’m super in love with chihuahuas 🙂 Smidge IS really small, makes my hand look huge lol… do you have pics of your yorkies? i would love to see them! xoxox

  3. I would love to tickle Smidge’s tummy…and her tongue. My pills for weirdness aren’t working too well.

    1. hehe, yeah i don’t even bother taking those pills anymore lol

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