It’s Not Just me

solipcism lol you might have to google it 🙂

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  1. I hate when you make me look up something. Breaks down my self, thinking I know what needs to be known, and then here comes something out of the unknown. Well, I am sure Kant had a word or two about solipcism. If you are in for some incomprehensible reading…

    1. sorry haha, you could have lived in the moment and used your free will to NOT look it up hehe… that mug is from my etsy store, i make joke mugs mostly 🙂

      1. According to what you wrote on my blog – I cannot. Do I even have a free will?

      2. the brain test also shows no free will haha… your ‘will’ has nothing to do with the decisions that are made seconds before your conscious will is aware of it 🙂 your conscious mind simply confabulates a reason it ‘decided’ to do something… so no… sorry, you don’t have free will hahahaha, you are making me smile 🙂

      3. I might just roll over and give in. 🙂

      4. good ‘decision’ hehe

  2. Ok, you two. Stop it. I must be saying that to myself–silopsistically speaking, of course. (Heaven forbid.) Y’see, I didn’t want to look for the word or read comments, but I had to even though I thought I didn’t…or did. And I guess I had to type this…or not…but it doesn’t matter since none of this exists outside my own mind. Or does it. Uh…help me…please? Elaine, you crack me up. 🙂

    1. i’m not saying that you don’t have some semblance of freedom of choice… i mean, so does your cat lol but free moral agency? nope… why? because there is no such thing as an effect without a cause 🙂 besides, you know we are either a slave to sin or a slave to Christ 🙂

  3. Nothing existed before I was born and nothing will exist after I die.

    1. i see that you googled it 🙂 yep, when you die it’s game over for the rest of us, who are all players in your game hehe

  4. i like the look of it, Elaine. i could use some coffee in it and would skip the diet coke.

    1. yep, i love coffee too, Ayush!

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