you know those youtube videos showing how people’s eyes switch to reptilian eyes and they caught it? well, hubby’s movie was paused and i happened to look at this guy, and his eyes were reptilian!! but unfortunately you can’t really see it from the picture… weird.

8 comments on “Reptiles”

  1. i think it’s just the light, but i see what you mean

    1. i could see it clearly on his monitor, but not so much on my phone’s camera lol

    2. besides, his eyes were blue when they were reptilian!

    3. oh i forgot, i don’t believe in reptilians haha, ok, it’s just the light 🙂

  2. i can picture it from your description, Elaine!

    1. yeah even tho you can’t see it in the pic, his eyes still look a bit creepy lol

  3. When I saw the title and photo, I thought you were referring to politicians.

    1. actors, politicians, what’s the difference? lol

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