10 comments on “Kisses”

  1. ohhhhh, I lovvvve the pixel effect produced by analog means, I’m going to tuck away that concept in my to do list for another day 😉

    1. i took that pic for the background on my iPhone a while back… i forget how i did it 🙂 thanks tho!! xox

  2. this one is a recent fav for me, Elaine

    very pretty and very creative

    1. thanks, sweetheart xoxox… i know my pics haven’t been that good lately, in kind of a slump

      1. nonsense

        your pics are always delightful

      2. awwww, tanks xoxox…. but i want my pics to be delightful like yours are 🙂

  3. so many things could be straightened out with a kiss? nice shot, i like the crop too, Elaine.

    1. Thank you, Ayush! yes, kisses are good for all our wounds 🙂

  4. Guess what, Elaine. I brought back with me a new coloring book that is full of pixel-images. It looks to be most fascinating. In the book there’s a pic of the image before it’s pixelated…to show what it will look like. And to think you didn’t even know that when you posted this image.

    1. oh sister! you’re home! and you’ve got a colouring book lol neat story!

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