50 shades of grey.

8 comments on “Sparky”

  1. Sparky doesn’t look very sparky at the moment : – )

    i like those steps and the built in garden area

    1. yeah, he’s a little old 🙂 he was just basking in the sun and watching the cars go by

  2. Places to go and people to see! HA!

    1. yep, he would give his eye teeth to go chasing at the people that go by lol

  3. He looks like I feel at the moment. Just want to sit in the sun.

    1. i knooow lol when i was in the car yesterday, i put on the heated seat lol i just want the warmness on my bones!

  4. apt title, Elaine. i like his posture.

    1. yes, he’s handsome with a new haircut… he’s still kinda stinky tho 🙂

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