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  1. Lovely composition and light, the combination suits the old brick.

    1. thanks, Will… i like old brick too… i used to covet those loft apartments in old factories…

      1. So did I until we moved into one of those lofts in Brooklyn about 13 years ago. The walls may be thick but the floors certainly are not!

      2. oh i know what you mean, bass coming thru the ceiling right? i HATE THAT lol… still i bet your loft was beautiful!

  2. this is hands down the most cheerful thing i have seen today, Elaine 🙂

    1. hehe, remember in ‘You’ve Got Mail’ when Meg Ryan says that daisies are the happiest flower? 🙂 i guess we all have to agree on that point!

      1. I now have the AOL voice stuck in my head, d’oh!

      2. haha, change it to george carlin yelling ‘THERE’S A LETTER IN YOUR MAILBOX’… WAY more annoying lol

  3. I was photographing our daisies this morning. Such happy flowers.That is a lovely shot.

    1. hehe, you and meg ryan are in aggreement!

  4. daisies are my favorite flower

    lovely image

    1. awww thanks sister! i love daisies too, they are up there in the top 5 anyway 🙂

  5. He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me….I’m sure of it. Love it.

    1. coz the Bible tells you so? 🙂

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