Troubled waters

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  1. Don’t you love that there’s always a Bridge over our “troubled waters,” even when we don’t think it’s there! If you captured this from the car, well done.

    1. thank you, my friend… car car car lol all the time 🙂 bridge over troubled water.. was that simon and garfunkle? what ever happened to garfunkle? 🙂

  2. That is a wonderfully composed image.

    1. awww, thanks… i was wondering about the composure.

  3. that is a sleek, modern looking construction, Elaine.

    1. Yeah, it’s a beautiful bridge.. we have a couple of that kind around here… forget what they are called 🙂 thanks, Ayush

  4. Cool bridge—and a cool photo of it.

    1. thanks, Otto… your pics are cool too 🙂

  5. this is really cool, elaine

    it reminds me of film

    1. yeah? well that’s cool… i was watching the movie ‘kodachrome’ last night, and thinking that film will go completely by the way side soon, which will be very sad 🙁

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