My couch is all full of blankets for her to cuddle herself up in… but mostly she wants in my coat tails right beside my thigh 🙂

8 thoughts on “Warm Puppy

  1. Hard not to be a happy puppy with all those colors, Elaine. But are you still cool there? So many places, like even here in The Netherlands, are having hot spells right now! (sigh)

    1. yes, it’s cool right now, and it always cools off at night here, even after a super hot day (one of the things i love about living here) …we will probably have our heatwave in the middle of July

    1. she is tiny, when i was trying to ‘manifest’ my next puppeh, i told her she had to stay small enough for me to carry her around in my jog bra 🙂 she complied

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