Ginger Bread

These new types of houses remind me of gingerbread for some reason lol not that i want to bite into one 🙂

6 comments on “Ginger Bread”

  1. But I bet you wouldn’t mind living in one, right? They look quite lovely.

    1. yes, i totally missed out on having a house, or a condo, out here… it’s just too expensive!
      i would like something i own to retire in…
      a friend of hubby’s lives in that complex.

  2. They are beautiful homes but a little too close together for me.

    1. yeah, i’m not sure if they are row houses, or duplexes, or what… but i agree with you on that! plus i like things to be on one floor, unless it’s in my future downtown loft, then i went the bedroom upstairs 🙂

  3. English Tudor is the architectural style and i thing they’re very pretty

    yes, living close, but if a person had nice neighbors, that wouldn’t be all that bad

    nice pic of them

    1. yes, not bad if your neighbours were nice… i’ve always wanted nice neighbours, you know, somebody you would want to have coffee with 🙂
      Thanks, sister, yes, English Tudor! it’s making a come back!

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